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Parent Education Program

Parental Education is a key part of our mission and we strive to organise speaker nights on topics that our members will find useful in parenting children under the age of 5.  Below are events we have held over the last couple of years.  More and more they are webinars in the evenings to make them more accessible to parents.

If you are interested in being a speaker at one of our events please email

Upcoming Events

Find out more here about our upcoming events on Evaluating Preschool / Childcare Options with our partner Santa Clara City Library on the 25th of August 2020.  These events are open to the public. 


August Parent Education Event: Bedtime Blues

August Parent Education Event: Learning Pods - Are they are an option for me and information on available resources.

June Speaker Night Topic: Supporting Children's Emotions and Behaviors During Shelter in Place, Summer and Return to School. Speaker: Susan Stone, BSE - Coach, Speaker of Parents Place 

June Speaker Night Topic: Managing Your Own Expectations: Letting Go and Staying Calm and Centered during Uncertain Times. Presented by Rachel Sklar, MSW, of Parents Place 

February Speaker Night Topic: Bye Bye Diapers Toilet Learning. Speaker: Lori Longo, MA, Child Development Specialist of Parents Place 

January Speaker Night Topic: Helping Kids Cope with Anxiety. Speaker: Mimi Ezray, LCSW, MPH, Director of Children's Clinical Services of Parents Place 

January Speaker Night Topic: Kindergarten Readiness. Speaker: Sylvia Ford MA is an Early Childhood Consultant.


December Speaker Night Topic: Choosing a Preschool. Speaker: Stephanie Agnew, BA, Assistant Director, Parents Place on the Peninsula 

February Speaker Night Topic: Young Children and Counting Collections. Speaker: Sylvia Ford MA is an Early Childhood Consultant


October Speaker Night: October Speaker Night: Choosing a Preschool: What Are Your Choices and How Does It Work? 

September Speaker Night: Silbing Solutions with Patty Wipfler 

August Speaker Night: Smooth Transitions into Preschool by Sylvia Ford 

July Speaker Night: Estate Planning and Guardianship by Deborah Azar 

June Speaker Nights: The Joys and Challenges of 2 and 3 Year-Olds by Sylvia Ford 

April Speaker Night: A path to Self Care and Holistic Health in 2018 by Monique Clark from Innate Sense


Theresa Laurenz - Raising Good Eaters

Common Sense Media - Raising your family in a digital world

Turning No into Yes: Encouraging Cooperative Behavior in Children

Raising a Spirited Child

Stephanie Lovejoy - Sibling Rivalry