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How our Activities and Events work

With Las Madres you not only get the fun of your playgroup level events but also Club and Las Madres Wide events! The mission of Las Madres is to provide forums for education and socialization for children and their parents so our events focus around that mission. You'll find playdates, mom's night out, parent and family events, education speakers, community events and so much more!


Playgroups are made up of Officers and Members.  A range of events can be found on your playgroups calendar that are added by anyone in your group.  All members are encouraged to add events rather than waiting for others to add them.  There are Special events using Playgroup funds happen occasionally and are planned by the Officers.  There are also spontaneous events added, so make sure you check your calendar regularly.


Clubs are made up of all the playgroups within the same area (so all Willow Glen groups or all Campbell/Cambrian groups, etc.) We encourage Club events so that members have a chance to meet and mingle with ALL of their member neighbors.


Las Madres wide events are there to support our entire organization and the community we serve. You'll find something for everyone! We've hosted Movie Afternoons, Baseball Games, Events at the Children's Discovery Museum, Luncheons, Speakers Nights, Santana Row Mommy & Me and many Community Service Events

Activities and Events