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Trial Membership

Free 2 month Trial Membership for first-time Las Madres families

We offer a free, 2-month trial membership to let you experience Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups, meet other families, and find which playgroups are right for you and your child(ren). You can try up to four playgroups, attend events, meet members and friends and see if Las Madres is a fit for you and your family before you pay to join.


Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the playgroup calendar of events - playdates, meet-ups, and members nights out

  • Online parenting forums to ask questions and swap items

  • Monthly Speaker Nights covering topics from potty training to college funds

  • Members-only discounts with local business

  • Liability insurance coverage for member playdates

How To Sign Up

After You Register For a Trial Membership

  • The New Member Contact for each playgroup you signed up for will reach out to you to welcome you to the playgroup and share information on upcoming playdates
    • You can visit the New Member Page for helpful information and next steps
    • You can officially end your trial period at anytime and begin your official enrollment by clicking 'Login' in the upper right corner, go to your profile and click “upgrade”
    • As a participating trial member you will be asked to read, accept and agree to Las Madres' release of liability statements governing your participation in activities and computer communication, as part of the online membership registration process
    • Please note: you will not be able to access the full member section of our website as a trial member. You will be prompted to Upgrade when you log in, but you do not need to upgrade until you are ready.
    *Important* You will not have full website, playgroup, or other membership benefits until you become a paid member

    Please Join Now! to start enjoying the many benefits of Las Madres!