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Las Madres Sick Policy


In light of recent events in our area (measles outbreak), the Las Madres Executive Board has been faced with some tough questions about our members. We want to take this time to remind everyone that Las Madres is an inclusive not-for-profit organization. This means that we do not exclude members that have a right to attend events. If you feel your child may be at risk at a particular play date, we advise you to do what you would do if it were any other venue. 

We know this is a sensitive topic and if there is an issue arises that you do not feel comfortable handling yourself, please do not hesitate to contact your Club President, or anyone else on the Executive Board.

We advise our members that, when in doubt of attending or hosting a playdate, to refer to Las Madres Sick Policy.  You can locate the sick policy in our Documents and Archives page.  Go to the page, scroll down and click on the Policies folder on the left.  You will then see the Sick Policy pdf on the right hand side. You can find many Las Madres documents there.


For convenience, you may also click here to download the sick policy -->  Las Madres Sick Policy

*Note* - You must be a member and be logged into the website to access the Sick Policy.

 Welcome to Las Madres!

Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups is a California Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation.

Las Madres was formed in 1953 by a group of women in a Palo Alto childbirth class. The main purpose of Las Madres is to provide a network of neighborhood playgroups for those with children born in the same year. Although the Playgroups remain the heart of Las Madres, today we have evolved into much more.

 Are you the parent of a child under 5 years of age?

Las Madres offers parents of children 5 and under many valuable benefits, both tangible and intangible.
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Benefits include:

  • Forging friendships both long and short-term for both you and your children.
  • Day-to-day support from other parents like yourself as you find your way along the new, wonderful, stressful and often times puzzling path of parenthood. 
  • Support for families experiencing a family or medical crisis, and the birth of a sibling.
  • The opportunity for our children to socialize in a safe and structured environment.
  • Age appropriate activities for children.
  • Ability to utilize Las Madres Non-profit status to rent venues and raise funds to support Playgroup and Club events.
  • Continued access to information about family-friend community events taking place throughout the Bay Area.
  • Avenues to participate in community service projects.
  • Discounts with local business
  • Discounts to many family shows at the San Jose Ballet and the HP Pavilion.
  • Online Forums to share concerns, ask questions, and find items as a discounted rate.
  • Support Groups & Social Groups for many aspects of life.
  • Special Speaker Nights covering topics from potty training to college funds.

We offer each family A ONE TIME two-month free Trial Membership. Click here for more details.

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Our Mission:

The main purpose of Las Madres is to provide a network of neighborhood playgroups for those with children born in the same year.   Through Las Madres playgroups, members find friendship, support and helpful information as well as an opportunity for their children to make friends their own age.
Our mission is to:
  • Provide neighborhood and community-wide parental forums for educational assistance and exchanging of ideas and information between and among parents. 
  • Support children and their parents pertaining to parenting and early childhood mental, physical and social development. 
  • Organize and support educational activities which develop confidence and self-esteem and encourage close knit families and strong, healthy parent-child relationships through parent-child interaction. 
  • Provide information about surrounding community services and providing services not readily available to individuals.

  Where Are We & Who are our Members?

Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups currently covers almost all of Santa Clara County and is run entirely by volunteers who are mothers, fathers and/or caretakers of young children. While most members are mothers, we warmly welcome fathers, grandparents, aunts and nannies to join to participate. Our goal is to raise our children to become people who can conduct their lives with strength, dignity, and humanity.
Please take a moment to look through our FAQ section. It contains answers to many commonly asked questions about Las Madres.
Dues are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
Please read our information on this website and email our volunteers through our Contact Us page if you have specific questions after reading our information on our organizational structure in order to avoid making mistakes during sign-up.