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  1. What are the Benefits?
  2. How to sign up
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  4. Terms of Use
  5. Starting a New Social or Support Group
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  1. Membership-wide Forums
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Connect with Other Parents for Support, Chatting and Selling! Las Madres has amazing resources that allow our members to connect through email discussion.

Membership-wide Forums

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What are the Benefits?
What are the Benefits?
  • You can chat, buy and sell, and exchange information with people who have a lot in common with you and would be more likely to know about, have or want what you need.

  • You're 'guaranteed' a reply to your question, as our members are a wealth of knowledge.

  • You will have access to search past topics. You never know when you will need a referral to a great Bed and Breakfast get-away weekend or how to clean cranberry juice from your white, silk curtains.

  • Buying, Selling and Trading among other Las Madres members has never been easier!

  • You don't pay for shipping and handling - driving radius is between 1 - 15 miles to get your treasure (or to get rid of your trash).

  • You can look at the product before you buy - are the mauve throw pillows the right color to go with your floral couches?

  • You don't have to speculate whom you're buying from or selling to - it's another Las Madres member.

  • You should feel comfortable, we are all members - we have so much in common already!
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How to Sign Up
How to Sign Up
  1. Log in at and click on Profile in the upper left by your name.

  2. Click Interests and check the Forums you would like to join. Click "save" to save any changes.

  3. To change how you want to receive email from these groups, in your Profile screen, go to Forum General Preferences. Or you can individually edit each forum by going to Forum Memberships and click the pencil for each forum you'd like to update.

  4. To start emailing, send to the group name "". The exact email address is written in each Forum description right under the Forum name on the main Forum page.

  5. You may also go to the Forums page to input messages on the website directly.
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Management of Your Forums
Management of Your Forums
  • To manage your email preferences and other settings, go to the Forum General Preferences page.

  • Forum Preferences contains numerous options that you can configure to customize your forum experience:

    • Viewing Messages and Threads: Determines how many threads (or posts) you can see at a time when viewing the forum online

    • Email Address: This section allows you to set a DIFFERENT address to the one used for your membership, specifically for receiving forum emails. You can also check the box if you want members to be able to respond to you directly (instead of responding to the entire forum)

    • Message Delivery: This section has options for how you want to receive posts to the forums (online or via email). If you choose email you can also set how often you want to receive forum posts (daily digest, immediately, etc.)

    • Authoring Messages: The section allows you to set automatically how you want to post messages online (if you use online), using either a basic or more advanced text editor. You can also write a customized signature that will be added to the end of your messages.

    • Identification: This section allows you to create a custom 'user name' specifically for use with the forum. This only matters when viewing posts on the website. You can also check to allow users to see your information, location, or a link to your Biography in the Las Madres directory. You may also set a different time off-set (California is -2 hours from Club Express) as well as upload a photo to use with your online posts.

    • Click Save at the bottom to save any changes you have made.

  • To temporarily pause your email delivery without unsubscribing go to the Forum Memberships page, and click the "pause" button. Remember to resume email delivery when you return.

  • To unsubscribe from any Forum, go back to the Interests page and uncheck any group you wish to unsubscribe from, and hit "save".
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Terms of Use
Terms of Use

To participate in these forums, you agree to our Forums Policy  as well as our *Terms of Membership*.

Las Madres does not discriminate. Any current paid member of Las Madres may join any Las Madres Forum. You may join as many Forums as you like.

DISCLAIMER: Forums are not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment advice. Forums are intended to provide parents with a way of finding other parents experiencing the same problems, issues, or challenges in their lives.  Dispensing diagnoses and offering treatment advice is not condoned or supported by Las Madres. Medical and psychological diagnoses and treatment can only be made or performed by a licensed professional.
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Starting a New Social / Support Group
Starting a New Social / Support Group

If you would like to start a new Social Group or Support Group forum, or would like more information, please contact the Social/Support Group Coordinator at As a non-profit with a specific charter, we cannot create religious or politically based groups and forums should focus on moms and children.


Current List of Forums

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Membership Wide Forums
Membership Wide Forums
  • Deals and Steals 
  • ChitChat
  • Search-N-Find
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Operational Forums
Operational Forums
  • Playgroup and Club Officers Forums
  • Playgroup Specific Forums

Social Groups

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  • Book Nook
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Food Glorious Food
  • Hobby and Craft
  • Jobhunters
  • Mom-preneurs

Support Groups

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  • 40+ Moms
  • Alumni
  • Dads
  • Infertility/ Trying to Conceive
  • Preemie
  • Pregnancy
  • Single Child
  • Single Parent
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Twins, Triplets, and more


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For questions, concerns, and further help, you may email Member Help.